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Go to Mass - Crisis Magazine

Go to Mass - Crisis Magazine : There have been countless reforms proposed for the Catholic Church. There seems to be a disenchantment with God, Church, and worship that can only be described as an attack on the divine. Those inside and outside the Church attempt to expound on the elephant in the room or the enemy that is tearing her apart. …

Jesuit Restoration

Jesuit Restoration - Part One: The Jesuits in Europe before 1769 Posted on: 6th August 2014  | Author:  Thomas M. McCoog SJ Category:  The Jesuits Marquis de Pombal On 7 August, Jesuits worldwide commemorate the 200th anniversary of the restoration of the Society of Jesus after a 40-year suppression.  Thinking Faith  asked Jesuit historian Thomas M. McCoog to tell us the fascinating story of the Jesuits’ downfall and re-establishment…and everything in between!  In the first of a four-part series, we read about how the thriving Society found itself on the losing side of an argument with the great ruling houses of Europe.   An Irish Jesuit, Charles Aylmer, who had entered the Society of Jesus at Stonyhurst on 21 May 1808 and had just completed his D.D. in Palermo, arrived at Civita Vecchia from Sicily on 20 July 1814. At that time all passengers were quarantined for 21 days before they were allowed to continue to Rome. For some reason, Aylmer received permission to continue his journey o